Friday, July 15, 2011

It's a date!

Tuesday was THE day my fave cousin visited me in school. We went on a little date after my class and here's what happened that day.
Cute fork eh? I had cheesy chicken with adobo rice for lunch with Meli at a Korean resto in Agno/Castro near school after my last class for the day. I don't really like tea and I thought the iced tea that came with our lunch was the regular Nestea/Lipton iced tea...well it wasn't. It was real tea. Ehh...I didn't like it. Okayrandom. Haha!After having lunch, I met with my cousin Mariel in school and we ate (yet again) at Pasta Plate 'coz she was craving for some churros.
Waited for my big sister to come pick us up so we could all go to MOA and window shop.
And here's a 'lil something that made me kilig! Saw myself on a Manels poster! :)
Found a nice orange wall as backdrop for my outfit post in MOA! I can't help thinking that my outfit for that day looked like a casual version of a man's suit (with a twist too!). My bow tie was made of studs, studded harems for slacks, cropped blazer with zipper trimmings on the lapels for a tux and white lace tank for a crisp white shirt! Hmm, Imma burst out singing about suuuits ala Barney now! Haha!
Finally had my froyo fix! My pick? Froyo with mango chunks, butterscotch and cheesecake! I like the taste of their froyo. Sweet and not too sour. My fave after Red Mango. :)

Watched 'lil girls in skates for awhile, then off we went to Trinoma to catch the last screening of Monte Carlo!
The story was okay, the clothes were pretty and Leighton, Selena, and Katie were all very lovely and perfect for their roles. I also loved that Leighton went au naturel in this film, she barely had any make-up on and her wavy beach tresses completed the look! But I guess, my fave character in this film wasn't Leighton (though I am a huge fan of hers!). I just thought Katie Cassidy was a breath of fresh air in this film! I adored her fake Texan accent (though it was missing in some parts of the movie), her playful banters with Leighton and her fun presence! I did like Selena as Cordelia though. She played her snotty British counterpart well that Mariel and I couldn't stop laughing at how bitchy she was as Cordelia the spoiled but fierce British heiress. Haha! After watching we wanted to don huge Jakie O-ish sunglasses and tinker with our phones like we're so freakin' bored as we imitate her and say in a low voice (in British accent too): "The key to my room. FASTER" and "My mother wants me to go to this charity thing". Hahaha!

It was a light chick flick and that's all there is to it really but that's not entirely a bad thing. Haha! It was the perfect movie to end a tiring but fun-filled day with my cousin.



  1. Omg i accidentally deleted 25 comments on this post and the other posts. Sorry guys, please feel free to leave your comments though. :) Thaaank you for dropping by and for reading my posts! :)

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