Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fairy Princess

Remember the gown/s that I designed for my friend's debut? Well, she actually used them and I'm extremely flattered and kilig (giddy) that she trusted me enough to design her gowns (though I lay no claim over the actual sewing and all)! I feel like a proud mama. Haha!
If only I knew how to work the sewing machine, I would've followed-through my own designs. Now I am more determined to push through with my decision to take up a fashion design course after college I guess.

A little anecdote if you don't mind, I remember oh so vividly how I used to cut up design sketches (most of 'em were bridal gown sketches) from my mom's magazines namely: MOD and Woman Today (haha wala pa yatang Preview nun) and paste them in this little album of mine and leaf through 'em as I marvel at the beautiful sketches. That was when I knew that I wanted to be a fashion designer someday. Super nakaka-sad lang when I think about it and realize that back then my future was certain--that I knew what I wanted to be and I was pretty sure about it--and now it's nothing but a far-off dream since I'm taking up a different course which makes me really torn and more confused than ever. That's why I'm so glad when opportunities like this comes my way. I feel like I'm somehow much closer to that dream of mine. Raiza looked sooo pretty (as always) and glowing I couldn't be happier!:)
And here's the other fairy dress that I designed for her. Apparently she chose the one on the left with the peek-a-boo, see-through bodice and I'm so happy that she did. That was my choice too. :)
Before I end this post, I would like to share one last story about a prophecy that Raiza did on our Senior prom. A few days before the actual prom, Raiza, being the editor-in-chief of our school newspaper, asked all the seniors to write their most outrageous "dream profession" on paper. Well, back then I knew I was going to study in La Salle majoring in Communication Arts and so I wrote "Fashion designer" on that little piece of paper. During the prophecy reading, Raiza mentioned all of our "dream professions"--one of our batchmates even wrote President of the Philippines (hahaha!). Then it was my turn. Reading her "predictions", Raiza said, "I was wearing a gown especially made by the skillful hands of Jonessa Mendoza (along with two more batchmates who also wrote fashion designer) who already have her own clothes store which branched in hundreds of countries worldwide." Hahaha bongga! A girl can dream, right? Looking back, I can't help but be weirded out that I had just designed a gown (2 gowns actually) for Raiza! Coincidence? Maybe. :)

P.S. Again, thank you Raiza dear for believing in me! I'm so happy that you liked them and that they somehow contributed to your happiness on your special day!

(Photos courtesy of Raiza Macaraeg and Say Tioco Artillero)


  1. Congrats Jossa! :) The gowns are really pretty, esp the fairy one!!! :) FTW! Go, chase your dreams! :)

    xx, Channie

  2. Haha! Thaaanks Channie! I will. :)

  3. wow... wouldnt u like to create a dress for me ;)... u can really be proud of urself ;)....

  4. They're so pretty!

    when I get married i'll get you to design my wedding gown. hahaha :))

  5. This is so cool. You get to see your own design come to reality! :)

  6. Oh my god! The gown is gorgeous! Really, it is! Congratulations. ♥♥♥

  7. Now that i know youre not getting 'hassled' over these things, from now on I'm gonna make sure that i recommend you whenever I get a chance. Haha! You really have a bright future as a fashion designer! I hope you pursue this career, Jossa. You knew the paper was for the prophecy, right? That means you can really visualize yourself as a one. You seriously got the time, the dedication, the passion and especially the talent for this ;) Let us make the prophecy come true, ayt? Hahaha Thanks agaiiiin! >:)<

  8. naalala ko lagi ko rin tinitignan yung mga gown sketches sa MOD at Woman Today dati haha! you are so talented Jonessa, ganda ng mga designs mo! :)

    Lee of [Caffeinated Epiphanies]

  9. OMG congrats, Jonessa!!:) Super gorgeous dresses. Fab!:) I hope to see more of these!

  10. Ate Mimi- Hahaha suuure I would love to design you a gown someday! ;)

    Raiza- Thank you talaga for believing in me. And thanks for all the kind words and the compliments! And yes, I'll make sure that that prophecy comes true! >:D<

    lee- Diba ang gaganda nung sketches sa MOD at WT? Haha!

    ava- Thank youuuu AVA!!! I hope to do this again soon! :)

  11. Jonessa, Ikaw pala nagdesign ng gown ni Raiza! they're all pretty! Super like ko din ung fairy, tapos ikaw pala nagdesign nun. Gosh! You're so great! And natuwa ako sa prophecy, I'm glad it's turning into a reality for you. Sana magkaron ka na ng shop! Start ka sa online. You'll be like Tricia Gosingtian, Camille Co, and the other famous fashion bloggers.. <3 :)

  12. love the fairy dress.
    you are a great designer! keep it up! :)


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