Monday, September 6, 2010

That's The Way It Is

Late post, mi dearies! Oh well. Better late than never right? RIGHT. After going out with En and Cams (refer to the pageant post) last last Saturday, went out with the high school friends the next day. Whew! Anyhoo, here's an outfit post last last Sunday. A very casual outfit yes, but fashion is not always and not necessarily has to be trendy and over the top. It's how fashion can make you feel while wearing your outfit even in a simple top and jeans. Such was the case here, I chose to wear a simple grey top and paired it with my trusty jeans and yet I felt very pretty and confident in it. And that, I think is the very essence of Fashion. :)

Waited for two-freakin'-hours for the girls to arrive at Mcdo Katipunan. My cellphone battery died on me at the time so I couldn't flood them with messages telling them that I was rotting in there already while waiting for them. Haha! Told them to come at around 2pm and well, they came at 4 but they were easily forgiven (lucky biatches). Haha!

Me and my facial expressions.

After drinking coffee at McCafe (I felt like I was obliged to buy something there considering I waited in there for 2 hours), we decided to have early dinner at Flaming Wings Katips.

I really love this photo. I may look too poised in my outfit shots but trust me, I'm no girly girl (and have no poise at all) when I'm not conscious of the camera and when I talk and LAUGH. Haha!

On a whim, decided to head to Eastwood after eating. This never happened before until that day. We don't do spontaneous trips. With my HS friends, we always plan where we go and what we do (which in the end, whatever we decided on won't really happen). Haha!

Tiangges in Eastwood.

And that's how I spent my weekend last last week. Seriously, this term break is the best! I don't seem to run out of moolah even though I'm always out with my different barkadas (thanks mom for financing my dates with the girls!). I think I know why she's tolerating this. See, I rarely go out (except my shopping trips of course) and she's the one who keeps on insisting that I should spend my days outside the house and not be too much of a homebody. Haha! Oh mom. :))

'Til the next post!
ScarletApril xx


  1. love the blouse! super cute:]

    I came here from Chictopia, and really love your blog! now i'm following your blog:]

  2. You've been sporting that bow necklace of yours for weeks na ha, I like it! Anyway, ang cute ng top mo. and I love the photos!

  3. Pretty top! I love it...

  4. love your outfit deary!I am your fan hihi!I hope to meet you!:)

  5. @chiho- thanks dear! glad you like it! :)

    @channie- yeah, kinda obsessed with it lately eh. haha. thanks dear! :)

    @nadia- thank you! glad you love it! :)

    @denise- aww, thanks girl! hope to meet you soon! :)

  6. i love how creative your shots are :)


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