Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gossipgirl Baby

Howdy everyone! Here are some photos from our little pseudo-photoshoot this afternoon. En was supposed to conduct a shoot for her portfolio but our good friend/model Camille was MIA. We had another Gossipgirl-inspired shoot wherein En played Blair while I took on the role of Little J (very apt since you know I like rocker chic outfits and my real name starts with the letter J). Haha!
Played stylista again and lent my gold head band, pink clutch and brown skirt which you can see here to En. :)

SPOTTED: Queen B munching on a greasy burger and a bag of fries by her side. Looks like Queen B loves her fast-food more than her gourmet cooked food. (But we love McDO! haha!)
En and I were curling our hair when we decided we wanted to have this GG shoot. Too bad Camille was still at school that's why there's no Serena here. Not smiling in most of the photos because I was trying to channel my inner 'Lil J by frowning and keeping a straight face. I swear I wanted to smile and laugh so hard while shooting this. :))

That's about it! I got a lot more overdue posts but it'll have to wait 'coz my camera's not here. I grabbed these pictures from En's facebook account 'coz my big sis borrowed my cam and brought it to Bicol. I miss my camera. *sobs*

Scarlet April


  1. you guys look great!! love your outfits! :) more posts.. :)

  2. hi itahl! thank you! glad you loved it! :)

  3. you are both cute! :)) love how you played with styling your clothes :))

  4. these are great shots! you did get the gossip girl looks, you guys really look like little J and Blair. BTW, the animal printed shoes look fierce :D

  5. I love your outfit! Totally like jenny humphrey! :))

    Hey i'm selling my shoes for a low price please check it out here.

  6. @ana- aww thank you ana! :)

    @smarla- aww thanks so much dear! i'm so glad we somehow nailed the look. it was an impromptu shoot you see.:)

    @eunice- okay i'll check it out! thanks for droppin by! :)

  7. great outfits ladies!!
    come follow and vote 4 me xxo


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