Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Black Track

I used to say "I can't wait to be thirty and dress all fancy and powerful" when I was younger. I still do by the way. Then I realized, why wait to reach that age when I can do it now. That's what's so fun about fashion anyway; I can take on different personas through different styles. I never saw myself being mixed up in the corporate world as I always envisioned myself as a designer, briefly as part of the media and entertainment industry. Therefore I always thought that I wouldn't get as much chance to dress in stiff office wear. The one time I had an opportunity to do so, my office (which was situated in bustling Makati btw) wasn't too strict and formal with the dress code. To get a vivid image of what I am trying to convey here's an example of what I wore there. Now though, I'm much more game and open to dressing like this even though I'm not a celebrity, a rich man's wife, heiress, an entrepreneur, heck not even as a CEO of an imaginary company! I can pretend to be any of those in my head though, right? My elder sister and cousin both remarked how classy I looked in this outfit and how it reminded them of Kim Kardashian. At least I looked like one of the things I mentioned above and passed as a celebrity in this outfit. Do you see it too? Haha!

sheer polo- WAGW
skirt- Forever 21
shoes- Payless
bag- Kenneth Cole
necklace and shades- Forever 21


  1. I love how chic the outfit looks! And yes, i think ive seen Kim K. wear a similar outfit/style. You look classy and expensive!

  2. very classy! and elegant!

  3. Black and white, timeless style! Love the necklace, so edgy! :))


  4. Thank you oh so much Ishna, Em and Indah! :)


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