Sunday, December 16, 2012

Going Korean

Been a while since partners in crime Hungry Boy and Parched Girl went on a food expedition! This time, they went for authentic Korean meal at E'Ommason Kimchi in the Korean-packed strip along Don Antonio. If there's one thing to note about their food excursions is that they like to eat at places that don't get much attention but definitely deserve all the right praises. HB and PG sure like to mix things up as well by alternating from fancy and posh restos to quaint hole-in-the-walls from time to time. The perfect balance, I must say. 

On this day, Parched Girl got her first legit pay and to celebrate, Hungry Boy treated her (as he always does) to some awesome Korean food. One thing they also like about eating Korean is that you get a lot of complimentary side dishes to cleanse and neutralize the palate. I'm still thinking about the sweet and savory flavor of those baby potatoes! Talk about getting more than what you pay for. Of course, it's classic HB & PG move to order some "drinks" so they tried out the restaurant's Soju, much to the delight of Parched Girl. Haha! And for dessert, she tried the famous fish ice cream sandwich and the ice candy thing (tastes like bubblegum---yum!). Both of them were thoroughly pleased and swore to try more Korean dishes next time!

top- Landmark
skirt- Bubbles
loafers- Shubizz
satchel- Coconut Gold


  1. You are very lovely and the food seems so delicious :)


  2. Hay nako. Oh halika na bibigyan na kita ng pansin. Hahaha :* <3


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