Thursday, June 9, 2011

Style Files: Karla Deras

"I think if people just learned to embrace their own individuality, we wouldn't judge one another." -Karla Deras, Karla's Closet

Okay, so this is the first of its kind here on the blog where I devote a portion of it to my fave bloggers/style stars. First up in this segment called "Style Files" is my fave style blogger, Karla Deras of Karla's Closet. I'm perfectly aware that almost all fashion bloggers know Karla (unless you've been living under a rock) but she isn't well-known and looked up to by many for nothing. I have to say that aside from my mom, Karla Deras would have to be my style icon. Her style is fearless, sometimes androgynous and always classy. I love that she embraces femininity by wearing clothes that hug and accentuate the female body and that she is no moviestar/celebrity (just an ordinary girl who happens to have a blog and a lot of followers haha) but she dresses-up like one! It's like she's starring in her own movie that is her life. But I guess what I love the most about her style is that she isn't afraid to dress-up even if she's just off to get coffee at Starbucks in a tutu and sky-high heels. Truly, she is a celebrity in her own right.

Karla and her blog inspired me to come up with my own blog after reading hers (plus I was looking for a way to document my style/sartorial choices then) so I guess this is paying homage to her. Haha! I had such a hard time choosing which photos to put here so go check out Karla's blog yourself if you haven't yet! :)

photos courtesy of Karla's Closet


  1. I loooove Karla!! I've been following her since forever! ♥

  2. i LOVE her too! i even brought a picture of her when i cut my hair short!

  3. I love her blog too! She's cute.

    some of her outfit-posts are not on the blog anymore :( wish she stopped deleting them.

  4. Love her too, and she inspired me too to start my own blog!

  5. thank you girls! glad to know that you like Karla's style too. :)


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