Saturday, June 25, 2011

In A Sea Of Green

(striped tank and vest-Trunkshow | shorts-The Second Shop | leopard oxfords-Ichigo | bag-Mom's)
Late post. Photos taken on June 16, 2011 when La Salle celebrated its 100th year here in the Philippines. I know that we were supposed to wear centennial/green shirts but I wasn't able to get one for myself so yeah I just settled for this green army vest. I joked about not getting the memo to Ara, my Atenean friend, who came with me to the event. Haha! I guess it's safe to say that I need more green clothes in my closet. Haha!

I was looking forward to so many things that day actually and was super excited but alas my expectations and my heart were crushed when I wasn't able to meet my HS friends who were visiting. So yeah that kinda bummed me out a bit but all was forgotten when I heard the drum beats and the cheers from fellow Lasallians. I was standing across the uni when the cheering started. So try to imagine me playing patintero with the cars just so I can make it to the other side. Haha! I stayed only for a short while though 'coz Ara headed back to Ateneo to attend her Philo class and my college friends were nowhere in sight (hard looking for a familiar face in a crowded place). Bummer that I wasn't able to witness the fireworks! Oh well, I still enjoyed eating (at Pasta Plate and Noriter) non-stop that day before Ara and the others were allowed to enter the school (outsiders were allowed to go in at 3pm) and let me just say that I'm so proud that I was a part of my uni's centennial celeb even though I didn't stay for long. Those moments were just priceless

PS. Thank you oh so very much for your comforting and encouraging comments on my previous post! I couldn't thank you guys enough for the support that you have shown me! I love you guys! :)



  1. love ur leopard brogues! so cool!

    xoxo jenna

  2. Love the photos, jonessa!:) Adore the leopard oxfords and neon dog tag!!

  3. Very nice photo session!

  4. i love the outfit babe! you know how much I adore flats :)

  5. Nice photos! Lalo na yung 3rd one, love it! Inggit ako sa shoes mo :D

    Lee of [Caffeinated Epiphanies]

  6. love the photos and your shorts! :)

  7. Thank you thank you for your comments guys! :)


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