Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Sweetheart

I recall telling our household help Ate Gina, one busy morning when I was rummaging through my cabinet, that I needed more dresses in my life. Being someone who just recently overcame her insecurities about her legs, I mostly have jeans and not enough delicate dresses in my closet. At that particular moment though, I wanted to just slip on a one piece garment because I wanted an easy and no-brainer look! Alas, the only dresses that I found were just too formal-looking, specifically bought for gatherings and special events. I left wearing a complicated outfit that day. 

When I saw this dress during one of my online scours, I thought it looked really pretty, young, loud and crazy. I'm usually safe when it comes to my purchases---making sure I can wear and style it in various ways on different occasions---so naturally my first instinct was to close that tab and look elsewhere. But then a voice in my head (I'm not schizo don't worry) challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and go for something that I won't normally buy for myself. This was the dress that I chose. The sweetheart neckline and cut of the dress looked sweet, dainty, and classic but because the print was practically screaming in your face, it became a little less boring. It somehow reminded me of Katy Perry too and 3 weeks before this purchase I just recently watched her movie on HBO so I guess I was also influenced by that in some way. 

dress- Apartment 8
belt and necklace- Forever 21
shoes and bag- Mom's

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