Sunday, June 2, 2013

Rad In Red

Whoever came up with the saying the way to a man's heart is through his stomach really got that part right. Months before my boyfriend's birthday I was racking my brain for ideas on how we will celebrate his special day. It was daunting of course because he was celebrating such a big year in his life, add to that I had very limited money at the time, and had very little experience in doing surprises. Days before the big day, I decided to just conjure up a romantic meal for the two of us at home since he didn't have work that day. It didn't happen though because he wasn't feeling too well. I was getting real nervous then because his birthday was just a day away! On the date of my "second" surprise I reserved us a table for dinner at a steak place because I figured if I can't give him big surprises at this point might as well just treat him to a dinner that he will love. The place wasn't a fancy 5 star hotel, just a small place tucked in Metro Home Depot in Pasig called Hai Chix and Steaks but I heard it served really good steak. When we got there, we had trouble finding the restaurant and had very little patience left to find it since we were starving and it was raining. You could say it was getting frustrating for me since my plan was nearing failure once again. When we finally found the place and stepped foot inside we found it really packed with people so we decided to just eat at a nearby resto. There we ordered steak and wine but we weren't satisfied with it. This was when we thought of going back to my original plan and avail of that elusive steak! When our porterhouse was finally served, I knew it was a good idea to have brought him there. The beef was huge and thick, had 4 side dishes and a bottle of wine! Everything still went according to plan although we had taken a little detour. The night ended pretty well with us being happy with the food that we ate and the adventure that we took on of having 2 steak dinner in one night. Haha! 

blazer- vintage
tank top- H&M
shoes- Hong Kong
bag- Coach


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