Sunday, June 16, 2013

LaborAlabang 2013

As mentioned in my post before this, Mark and I embarked on our own version of the Labor Day Weekend which we jokingly and lovingly called LaborAlabang 2013. We were stuck in the Metro after all. What we did all day long was eat in BF Paranaque and go around Alabang. We left my home in QC in the morning and started our food adventure at a pretty obscure steak place called Grandad's which was camouflaged in the strip of restos along BF Homes. The place was perfect for brunch as Mark said. We had steak, wine, and shrimp cocktail---which could've been better if it was chilled. 
After driving around, we started getting hungry again (haha blame Mark's bottomless pit of a stomach) and the sliced Parma ham that we were munching on while inside the car was just making us hungrier. We had dinner at a Japanese "home-turned-resto" named Tatsu No Ko which wasn't fancy looking at all but served affordable and good Japanese food. Now, I would consider myself quite picky and critical with this cuisine (with my love and fondness for Japan and all) so I'm glad to report that the food was really delicious. Mark liked his shrimp tendon (not in the photo 'coz we gobbled it up instantly and forgot to snap a photo of it) which was still crisp and not soggy despite the sauce coating it. I also commend them for serving us Japanese rice and not just plain 'ol rice! We can tell if its just Dinorado or what. The rice is usually a neglected element in some Japanese restaurants here in the Philippines so I'm happy this resto had round and sticky rice to go with their equally tasty dishes.
The chicken teriyaki wasn't good though. It didn't taste smoked or grilled at all. The sauce wasn't even close to tasting like a teriyaki sauce plus it had this gelatinous consistency which made us think that they just reheated it.
But I'll be forgiving since the chunks of salmon they used in their sushi were huge! And the tuna sashimi, well what can I's my favorite so naturally I loved it.
To cap off our night, we randomly picked Larcy's Cupcakery for dessert which turned out to be my favorite food trip of the day! I am not too crazy for sweets/desserts except for candies and bubblegum, so I wasn't really keen on having dessert. But Mark still wasn't done with his pasarap so I obliged. I almost didn't order anything and looking back I'm so glad that I did because the cupcake I had still haunts me in my dreams even up to this day! Not exaggerating, I was daydreaming about it the week after. I had red velvet cupcake and even though I haven't had a lot of this, I'm going out on a limb here and say that Larcy's red velvet is the best in this cupcake saturated market!
It was served really cold, tasted like cheesecake, had white chocolate chunks and crispy chocolate crusted bottom. It was so heavenly. In my head I was arguing if it was cheesecake or ice cream!
And there you have it! Another food trip brought to you by Hungry Boy and Parched Girl! "Til the next! :)


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