Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Flower Power

Floral was the theme of the night on Day 2 of PFW. My mom and I went out of our rooms that night feeling pleasantly surprised to find both of us clad in the print. I love it whenever I'm "terno" with Mama. Recently, I've been wearing matching outfits with a special someone too! We don't even talk about it. I get secretly giddy whenever that happens. It's like a simple and subtle way of showing the world that this person and I are on the same page or at least have the same taste in fashion. I hope that makes sense. Haha! 

The Ezra Santos collection was one of my faves btw. It showcased his impeccable taste, masterful beadwork, sophistication, excellent tailoring and understanding of a woman's body. I've nothing but praises for his art! The moment his first garment went down the runway, we were immediately entranced and he kept us hooked 'til the last piece! My mom and I were just gaping and I kept saying to her, "ang gandaaa" while clutching her arm for support. Yes, I was that IN LOVE with his pieces. It transported me to a time when I used to watch runway shows (of Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, CK, Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera etc.) on FashionTv as a child. I remember feeling this very strong desire and passion of becoming a designer one day every-freakin-time I watch these shows. Anyway, I might do a post on Ezra's collection soon just so I can show you what I saw that night and because I want everyone who reads this blog to appreciate his talent too. :)

floral mullet buttondown and necklace- 168 mall (for real)
pink jeans- Karissa
heel-less shoes- Parisian
clutch- H&M
mama's dress- Forever21
mama's bag- Michael Kors


  1. Sooo pretty, Jonessa! :) Can I have your top? LOL

    Anna Palaspas of Petite Chiq

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  2. You look so pretty with the floral top and love the shoes!! I want them!


  3. You and your mom are so cute!


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