Monday, July 15, 2013

I Want Candy

This cropped sweatshirt had been sitting in my closet for a year. My boyfriend gave this to me as his first monthsary gift to me last July and I only got to wear it now. Mark was getting tampo that maybe I didn't like it saying that by the time I'd finally don it, the world has spouted tons of crop tops already. What do you know, he's damn right. The crop top trend is in its full swing now. This whole time I was just looking for the perfect garments (a specific cut/style to my leather skirt) and accessories (chunky gold chainlink necklace which was not so readily available before) to go with it to complete the image in my head. It's not surprising at all that it takes me months/years to wear an outfit especially if I had envisioned it in a certain way. There is no way for me to just wear it out the first time styled in another look. This outfit from before took me two years to complete (click that link why don't ya). My stubbornness, being idealistic and a perfectionist (throw in a lil bit of OC) show so much through this.

crop shirt, skirt, necklace, sunnies- Forever 21
shoes- Gibi
bag- Kenneth Cole


  1. Sweet colors! Really reminds me of candy!!

  2. Haha true. The world is as full of crop tops now as it was full of peplum whatevers last "season" and mullet skirts the "season" before that. In fairness, your perfection was worth the wait! The outfit is great! :)

  3. Your boyfriend has a good eye for fashion, huh?:)) i live the outfit.

  4. Lyca- Thanks! :)

    Wonder Woman- Haha and yes I've tried all of those trends too in the past. Thank you, I'm glad. :)

    Ishna- Indeed. He has a critical eye for style :)


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