Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Old Rose, Old Soul

(denim button-down-11th of October | floral dress-The Landmark | sandals-Babo | spike necklace-The Ramp | tan bag-Follow Your Heart)
Howdy folks! How's everybody doin'? Forgive me for the lack of updates here on my blog, see classes have already resumed for us and I've been quite busy preparing myself for school. This term, I have some really cool and exciting subjects namely: radio and video production classes (RADIPRO and VPRODUC) and I'm a bit anxious as to how I'll be able to pass these two. Last week was the start of my 6th term in school and so far I'm already liking a few subjects and my lighter class schedule.

Anyhoo, last Friday after attending my PUBLISH class, Meli dragged me with her to Quiapo for a quick fortune telling sesh. At first I was reluctant to go 'coz I really wanted to go home already and I knew that the place would be really crowded as it was the first Friday of the year and it was Quiapo day too but Meli was very persistent so I obliged. Who knew it'd be fun to get sandwiched by dozens of people and brave the intense Manila heat while looking for the manghuhula's stall? Haha! Meli's "hula" was pretty accurate while mine was...hmm, suspicious and far-fetched? Haha! The manghuhula's prediction included (much to my dismay) that I'd get married early (I was told of that already by another manghuhula so...FOR REALZ??? HAHA), I will be successful in my career, I will make it big abroad and stuff like that. I kinda expected her to say that but it was still very fun.

Oh and before I end this post, look at my new vintage finds (spot the oxymoron! Haha!)! I unearthed these inside my mom's old cabinet before the start of this term. There are more inside but I need the assistance of my ate if I'm going keep myself from shrieking every time I pull a piece out of the hanger 'coz a few cockroaches get pulled out of 'em too. Haha! I'm sooo giddy that I got my hands on these great finds! :)

Much love,
Scarlet Aprilxx


  1. love the new hair :) you look pretty :)

  2. ooooh now ko lang na-notice. the scalloped blazer is a score!

  3. I love the look, jonessa! loving the floral with brown and denim :) I covet your shoes!! ALso, i haven't tried fortune telling. for some reason i'm scared =p

    I love the blazers! can't wait for you to style them! I love Mom's closet ;) I recently inherited my mom's oxfords hehe

  4. I love love love your hair! :)) <3

  5. those are some awesome buys.
    i'm too scared to go to a fortuneteller.haha

  6. i love your hair :))

    ennaid love <3

  7. I love the scalloped blazer and print dress! Good thing your mom kept those! =)

  8. love theo utfit babe!and the thrift finds are nice ah!:)

  9. love your outfit and vintage scores! <3 scalloped blazer, ftw. made all the shrieking all worth it!

  10. aww thanks so much for the love girls! :) :***

  11. hahaha i love vintage finds too! your mom is a fashionista din ha!!! lucky ;)

    and generic but fun hula you got! pero malay mo nga, you'll tie the knot earlier LOL

    goodluck with school!



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