Friday, November 15, 2013

By The Cafe

You know how some people have this love-hate relationship with junk food/desserts/whatever-their-guilty-pleasures are? Well, mine's coffee/tea. Just last week I was sent to the ER for hyperventilating and my doctor advised me to avoid anything that has caffeine seeing that I stress over things too much and don't handle uppers well. It's not the first time I've been told this and I obediently let a whole year pass me by without it but I gradually eased it back in my system again last year. Now though I'm back to abandoning coffee and specifically my latest addiction: milk tea. I'm a late convert, you see. 

It's quite funny how this whole post is so ironic now. :)

crop top and skirt- Forever 21
stockings- random
shoes- S&H
bag- Kate Spade


  1. Ohmy scary! how many cups do you usually have in a day? I love coffee as well but i haven't experienced hyperventilating, thank god!

  2. The thing is, i dont even take coffee regularly but with tea quite often i must say. But the doctor said its a late manifestation, and coupled with stress. :)


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