Monday, October 21, 2013

Tie Up

I guess this get-up didn't help in making me look approachable and friendly. My default *sungit* face went well with it. Completed the look, I must say. Don't hesitate to be friends with me though 'cos I am nothing like my facial expression (Oh keep quiet Mark I can hear you protesting from your office!). *laughs* 

The focus of this outfit was obviously the tied up button down around my waist. I just wore an all black ensemble to make the red accents pop. Et voila, an automatic/instant 90's grunge look. What really went on in my mind during the time I was dressing up for that day was I needed to at least partly conceal my ant-bite marks behind my thighs. So that was me hitting two birds with one stone, right? Fashion and function. What do you think? #medyobadgirl signing out hahaha ;)

flannel shirt- Forever 21
tank top- SM GTW
leather skirt- WAGW
shoes- S&H


  1. insert comment on park safety here! haha

  2. Gee thanks for the reminder haha

  3. love the look, I always wear black:)

  4. Thank you Steph! Black is always effortlessly chic :)


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