Sunday, April 20, 2014

Eat Street: Aguirre

Sharing with you now some photos of my food excursion at Aguirre Street in BF Homes (yet again). I came with the purpose of documenting all the food I sampled that day for a project that I did for school. First stop was Sensei Sushi Bar, a restaurant you might have heard of quite recently or more appropriately, seen a lot lately on instagram. What makes it different from your typical Japanese joint is that it combines western and other Asian flavors and ingredients to their sushi. The fusion is executed sublimely which only ups the umami level of the cuisine.  
First dish was both delicate and bold --- in flavor and in texture. Fried oysters topped with kimchi (2nd photo). It boasted of the flavor of the sea combined with the spice and acidity of the traditional Korean side dish. It was coated in crisp fried batter which eventually melted in my mouth thereafter revealing the slimy and mushy softness of the oyster. What delighted my palate the most though was their tuna and scallop dynamite sushi (1st picture). Chunks of fresh tuna inside the sushi rolls made rich and velvety with cream cheese (anything which has cheese in it is bound to be delicious though, right?) and topped with crispy batter-coated scallops. It was literally an explosion of savory goodness in my mouth. I am going back for this. 
After a full-bodied and flavorful start, we headed next to Larcy's for their cupcakes. I fell in love with their red velvet cheesecake cupcake during my first visit and residing in the North leaves me only a few chances to revisit. Therefore it was only natural that I went back for the red velvet cupcake that captured my heart. This time we tried their Speculoos cupcake and Hot Frozen Nutella Smoothie as well. I'm not much of a fan of both Nutella and cookie butter spreads so I didn't really care much for them. It was my boyfriend who ordered these (very macho my dear haha) and I got to try them out of sheer curiosity. For someone who can't be bothered with them and surprisingly enjoyed them, I could say that they would extremely delight fans of Nutella and Speculoos. They're that good. 
Soon it was time for dinner. We wanted something fancy and ended up in The Girl + The Bull. We got their Pork Confit with potato puree and their 100 % beef burger with fries. It was our 2nd time back and the entrees that we had that night were only okay. Leave room for their desserts though especially their famous Faux Twix! 
We finished off a whole day's meal at Magnum Opus Fine Coffees. This was the perfect end to our day. We sat outside the shop and sipped coffee under the black night sky.
I had their Belgian Heartbreaker served cold which tasted more chocolate-y than coffee which was kind of the point. Meanwhile, Mark tried their hand brewed single origin coffee which had notes of a citrus-y flavor (orange I think) and got too excited and ordered another cup of a much more potent type called Draft Spro which closely resembled the taste and fizz of beer. This was Mark's favorite part of the trip as he enjoys drinking and knowing more about coffee. The staff was very knowledgeable of their concoctions and they humbly explained every drink that we ordered. The purpose is not just to simply gulp down the drink but to appreciate its art and subtle varying flavors. I liked this part of the trip because of its novelty and the conversations exchanged during the night. 

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