Sunday, September 15, 2013

Loving You Is Red

Today is my mom's birthday and I wore this earlier to her lunch celebration. For some reason I would always wear red on birthdays even though we don't normally follow Chinese traditions in my family. It's just something I picked up I guess when I was young when my family would tell stories about our Chinese relatives. Anyway I feel weird just talking about it since my siblings and I have about 1/8 of Chinese blood running in our veins only. Haha! I just noticed that it's become an unconscious yet natural move to wear red for me. A couple of blog posts away I also sported red on my boyfriend's birthday and also a gown in this shade on my debut. I think it's perfect and apt for celebrations. I'm also biased because it's my favorite color---if it isn't very telling yet, what with my blog title and all. :)

tank top- Forever 21
skirt- Forever 21
cardigan- Forever 21
ribbon necklace turned brooch- Flatterbuy
shoes- Celine
bag- Coach


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