Friday, May 17, 2013

Neon Rock

I went a little bit rocker chick in this outfit because I've been sporting the girly classy look a lot lately. Oh how I missed dressing like this! I am quite drawn to the polar opposite look of being preppy, which is probably a testament to how bipolar/versatile my style can get. I like it though. Keeps things fresh and exciting! I built my outfit around the swimsuit that I was wearing here because I was inspired by what Leighton Meester did in her movie Monte Carlo when she wore her bathing suit underneath her dress. Thought mine could pass as a top too and kept things cohesive by adding a neon necklace to complement it. 

bathing suit- Landmark
leather shorts- H&M
sneaker wedges- S&H
chambray- 11th of October
necklace- Forever 21
bag- Esprit


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