Sunday, April 14, 2013

English Rose

I rarely wear jeans and t-shirts anymore. Last time I consistently did was in 3rd year high school when my usual get-up was comprised of a cool graphic shirt, good fitting denim and a pair of Chucks finished with long chained necklaces. When I do wear this no-fail combo now though, it's usually spruced up with not so ordinary accents like this flowery pumps, bowler hat, gold accessories and classy bag. Here's a similar outfit taken 2 years ago. And for some reason, outfits like these make me feel sexier and more womanly. I guess sometimes less is really more. But being someone who likes to dabble in various styles, I'd say it's better to mix it up sometimes and not be one note . :)

shirt- Cotton On
jeans- Jag
bag- Kenneth Cole
shoes- Payles
bowler hat- H&M
necklace- Forever21


  1. it's refreshing to see you in jeans ate Jonessa :)

    Thirdbite | style blog

  2. Thank you Verna! I try to give variety to this blog. Although I used to be a jeans girl before! :)

  3. simply nice and chic, great look and you look super pretty <3

  4. Your hair is gorgeous! Love your accessories here, they really make the outfit :)

  5. That outfit is so cute!!
    Much love,

  6. Your hair looks so nice! :) May i know where you had it done? thank youuu

  7. Hi Anon! I did my own hair, the color I mean :)


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