Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Denim & Khaki

Someone asked me what my style was and as always I was left pondering about it for a good 5 seconds or so before I could answer. I'd like to think that I am versatile and cannot be limited by a particular style. Although if I were to single out a style that I am particularly fond of that would be the preppy look. If you've been following my blog long enough you'd probably have seen me gravitate towards it and just nod in agreement. There's just something so sexy and alluring about looking sweet and innocent and not showing too much skin. I am also aware that my style isn't too trendy. I go for classic pieces and only choose trends that I fall in love with and don't jump into every fashion bandwagon there is. This look was a perfect example of that. Khaki and denim don't go out of style and have to be waited out to go back into mainstream. This chambray top has been used countless of times already and this skirt will surely make more appearances in this blog. The chain link necklace and plaid bag were versatile enough that even though they were new, they had that classic-vintage appeal to it. I guess the only trendy/current piece in this outfit were the shoes. 

chambray- 11th of October
skirt- Forever21
bag- Coach
shoes- F-Stop
necklace- Forever21


  1. love the look! I love to try the chambray with pleated maxi skirt.. :)


  2. Thank you Mickey! Ooh a maxi skirt would work just fine! :)

  3. I love how you put together all those pieces! :) The pleated skirt and the denim sleeveless are perfect together!

  4. Your writing skill is far more better than many of the popular bloggers I know. :) #justsayin

  5. Thank you Ishna!

    Wow thank you Candice! I rarely get praised for my writing skills here on the blog hehe :)


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