Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Think this is as hipster as I can get. Hipster triangles, black-rimmed specs, muscle tank, ethnic prints and chambray. Not really my style as I'm not into trendy items that much but on this day I kinda just picked out these pieces randomly---the top and skirt both had brown in it and I thought they matched---without meaning to look too "teenager-y" or something, pardon my being inarticulate on this one. It was fun though. My little sister remarked that I looked like a free spirit and a fun-loving girl. 'Course that wasn't anywhere near the truth. Haha.

tank top- Forever21
chambray- Forever21
glasses- Cotton On
leatherette skater skirt- iCandy
wedges- Mom's


  1. Love the details of your wedges and top.
    Cool outfit.xoxo

  2. Oh wow thank you Indah! Glad you like 'em :)


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