Thursday, March 28, 2013

Little Girl

I have found myself a formula for easy dressing which balances both style and comfort. This "blouse-skirt-flats" style equation is perfect for when I commute from QC to Makati via tricycle out our village, FX to train station then MRT to Ayala. I have often found myself being sad when I can't wear the clothes that I want to be garbed in 'coz they can be too attention grabbing (it's either you get the sneer/stare or appraisal) which can end up compromising my safety. Thing is, I feel like I limit myself when I hold back with my sartorial choices and yet it can be terribly uncomfortable when I go all out with it. So how do I find that balance? This outfit, in my opinion, is an example of that balance. It's as simple as the tee and jeans combo but the little details give subtle intricacies to this look. 

top- Vietnam
skirt- Seraphim
brogues- customized
bag- Furla
bowler hat- H&M
earrings- Forever 21
bracelets and belt- 168 Mall
watch- Guess


  1. cute outfit! love the top :D

  2. I have same sentiments about commuting in Manila in a "fashionable" outfit. It's like weighing between looking all pretty and fashionable or your safety. what a sad (and unsafe) world! haha :p anyway, your skater skirt is super cute! i doubt it won't grab any attention while you're riding a tricycle. lol :p


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