Sunday, March 3, 2013

Summer Cut Outs

Sometimes I get hired for different types of job by my mom. I've been a stylist, designer, interior decorator, sous chef, waitress and nanny to her. This time, I was asked by her and her friends to be the photographer for a surprise birthday party that they were throwing for their friend. Well naturally I couldn't refuse my mom and being practically broke also didn't help but I knew I was going to have fun with them anyway 'coz they're such a fun bunch. So there. These were just some of the things I took photos of. Thought I'd also share an outfit post that was somehow summer ready in here as well. Behold, my "photographer" outfit part 3. 

top- Landmark
blue pants- H&M
shoes- Manels


  1. you looks really cute in that outfit :D

  2. Nice blog you have! I'm now following it! :)

    Keep it up!



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