Thursday, February 7, 2013

Heart On Your Sleeve

Why hello there. It's nice to be back blogging again. I've been stuck in a style rut lately hence the sudden hiatus here on blogger. Being away had been excruciating since I have always considered this blog of mine a part of myself like Voldemort's horcrux. So can I just exclaim that it feels so damn good to be typing away here on my laptop again! Woohoo!

And for my first entry for the month of February, I bring you a Valentines post! Actually, it's just a monthsary photodiary/outfit post but I figured it can pass as a Valentines post as well. Here, I aspired to make the kitchen my runway but I just fell with a thud. Allow me to recount what had transpired on our 7th monthsary celebration.

Being the self-declared protege of my cook of a sister, I surmised that I can finally conjure up a decent meal for my love. This dinner was supposed to be a surprise but the lid was blown off prematurely 'coz he had read my planner a few days prior. Even if that was so, I still continued on with the home cooked meal thing. I was happily preparing in our kitchen, feeling all mighty and good but things had gone awry the moment I abused the paprika. Boy, my dishes gave me a terrible coughing fit when it hit my throat. At least my homemade caramel syrup turned out fine 'coz my sour cream paprika chicken became chicken tikka/tandouri instead. Mark even asked if we were having Indian. Haha! I was close to tears but Mark was kind enough to finish them with much gusto. I guess that extinguishes my dream of becoming a Stepford wife. Hahaha!

As for my outfit, I thought the holes on my knit top resembled hearts, perfect for Valentines, that is if you like to take the day as literal as me. What do you think?

knit top- Mom's
skirt- F21
shoes- Jellybean
bag- Kenneth Cole


  1. Very nice blog Scarlet. Have you been in Argentina. Because the food there is incredible. I have been there twice and also the Argentina apartments that I have rented are very nice.


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