Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Heart Full of Love

This has got to be the most meaningful Valentine's that has happened to me yet. To begin with, this was the first time I had a real Valentine. Being given flowers for the first time felt so new and somewhat surreal to me. It was, admittedly, a foreign experience to me and my initial reaction was weird and funny to the people in my home who saw me cry and laugh upon opening the box, seeing the flowers, and reading the card. *laughs* Next, on Valentine's Day itself, my big sis and I took our mom out on a fail surprise dinner date at Casa Renato, a Mediterranean hole-in-the-wall resto, just outside our village here in West Fairview. My mom didn't believe us at first that we were gonna take her out and was even skeptical that we even had money to spend (haha!) but the night went extremely well and we all went home with satisfied tummies and hearts full of love (Ha! Les Mis reference yo!). 

And being the cheeseball that I truly am, I wore a sickeningly sweet and saccharine outfit that night. Pink, frilly, lace-y, with pearls to match---how girly can I get, right? :)

dress- SM
pearls and belt- Landmark
jelly shoes- Hong Kong
purse- Hong Kong


  1. You look very sweet, and those flowers looks beautiful :D


  2. Thank you Steph! Yeah the flowers do look pretty :)

  3. you look really pretty and sweet!

    And yay for your first 'valentine' experience! :)

  4. Why thank you Ishna! Yay indeed! :)

  5. I actually love your "Pink, frilly, lace-y, with pearls to match" outfit. It suits you well and you are such a pretty girl :)

    Keep posting :)

    -xoxo, FRANCES
    --from DAVAO--

  6. Haha! Thank you Frances! It's nice to be clad in cutesy girly clothes once in a while. Makes fashion so much fun :)

  7. love your vday look! so sweet! love how you spent vday too :)

  8. Thank you Ava! Vday was so special for me this year :) Hope you and your family had a lovely Vday as well!


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