Tuesday, November 27, 2012


NYPD Blue. Err. Not exactly. I'm not about to go on a covert operation as part of the New York Police --- though I do like to think I might do some good work being part of the fashion police ---Haha! Anyway, an Empire State of Mind was what I had in mind when I put together this look to accompany my boyfriend to the 2nd Anniversary Party of Borough, one of our favorite restaurant/bars in the Metro that, yup, as the name implies, is a tribute to everything New York! Borough prides itself in serving New York comfort food, 24/7. Among my favorites are their grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup and chicken & waffles. But enough about the food, this isn't a food blog after all. Haha!

To party Borough-style on this momentous occasion, I put on a simple bodycon dress in thick black and blue stripes. I've never been to New York I must say. But every time I think of it I think of the towering buildings that cast a shadow on the city's streets set against the blue of the New York skyline. Black and blue would thus be the colors that (at least for me) embody the quintessential Empire State of Mind. What I like about this dress is that it's sleek and straightforward, yet not too simple as it gives me a sense of command and confidence. Also, I like wearing stripes as it creates an optical illusion. Stripes on a bodycon dress makes it appear that there are more curves than what I actually have. Haha! What I also like about this dress is that it's versatile in that it can be used as a sweater replacement. Its 3/4 sleeves also prove that not all night out dresses need to be about revealing skin. This one works just as well even though I'm somewhat covered up!

To finish off this look and throw in a dash of more girly colors, I wore my bright orange suede pumps. My dress made use of manly colors so I thought of throwing these pumps into the mix that made the look truly my own. And to my boyfriend's approval, he saw the combination of black, blue, and orange as very New York --- the New York Knicks for that matter, his favorite NBA team. Guess I worked it all out in this one!

dress- H&M
shoes- SM
clutch- H&M
necklace- Mom's


  1. You look very chic and fashionable! Two thumbs up for this one! :0

    -xoxo, FRANCES


  2. Hey thanks Frances! Appreciate it! :)


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