Sunday, June 10, 2012

Something About Mary

It has been a while since I last donned an all cutesy-preppy outfit like this. It's all thanks to this polka top that I borrowed from my fave cousin, Mary---hence the title. This whole outfit post is to annoy her actually since I paired her blouse with my pink brogues which she has a complete aversion to. I remember telling her to give brogues/oxfords a chance but she rejected the idea entirely. 

Anyway, wore this when the whole family watched the China National Acrobatic Circus last month. I wasn't really expecting much from the show but boy I was proven wrong! I was totally blown away by their stunts! By the end of the show, we bought one of those dumbbell-looking yoyos as seen on the 6th photo (which by the way, looks easy to play but until now we still don't know how it works haha!). I guess I was even more excited than the kids in the family. Lol. 

top- Mary's
shorts- random brand
brogues- from Korea
necklace- Forever21
satchel- Coconut Gold
flower hairpin- H&M
socks- SM Dept. store


  1. Amazing stunts! I watched something like this on tv and I was blown away.

    Love the neon necklace, by the way! :)

  2. totally lovin the lace socks paired with oxfords!

    and ohhh..the stunts are major #ozom! i was mesmerized by it how much more for someone who actually witnessed it in person. if i was there, my jaw would've have been droped all the time! =D

  3. loving your brogues! :) hope magshow din sila sa cebu.

  4. yung yoyo like na something, ipaikot mo then hilahin mo :) thats how it works.

  5. Thank you Maria!

    Better talaga in person Eunica! Thaaanks!:)

    Thannks Dred!

    Anon- not that easy! Hindi naka-attach yung string sa object so di nagbabounce and there are two sticks attached to both ends of the string! Haha!


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