Sunday, May 20, 2012

Zalora Grand Launch

with pretty Vern
Gorjazz girls Rovie, Nicole, Arnie and Jacky
 with Mark, Aisa, Kookie and Nicole
 Met Aki and Sarah Meier at the event too!
Here are the photos from the grand launching of the Philippines' newest online shopping portal, Zalora Philippines. I, for one, am glad for it's existence since it makes online shopping for the best in fashion brands easier and more convenient. Shopping's made simple and fast because of the smooth transaction and the same day delivery within Metro Manila! You don't have to die of waiting (figuratively speaking of course) for your most coveted piece to reach you. I also think ZaloraPh will save us from not having "the perfect outfit" to wear to impromptu events because you can shop and receive the package the same day you order it. Kaloka sa bilis. Haha! 

Now, let's talk about the outfit shall we? I chose to wear something that was not black, obviously, for this event because I didn't wanna be too predictable with my sartorial choices. The usual formula is: "Nighttime events = Dark colored outfits". But I waved the idea off and said, "to hell with it!" And knowing that the event would take place at Skye Lounge (roofdeck yo!) with zero A/C, I wore an easy breezy outfit that was still dressy but not too formal. I was actually going for a summery-nighttime-party-look. And waddayaknow, it turned out quite humid and hot at Skye but I managed to stay cool because of this outfit. Good decision right there, Jossa! :))

floral tube top- F21
mullet skirt- thrfited
wedges- locally made from Liliw Laguna
satchel- Coconut Gold
flower hair pin- H&M
necklace- DV
bead bracelets- from Bohol
rings- H&M


  1. You look really pretty! Love the combination of the skrit and the top!

  2. Thank you Fiafafia! Glad you like it :)

  3. Hihi thaaaank you Nina!!! :)

  4. Love your dress and bag! You look great :)


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