Thursday, May 31, 2012

Home Away From Home

Nothing too special with this post really. Just a simple outfit for school and photos of my new home in Taft, my dorm. School has already started for me and though I live far away from my home in QC, I feel at ease living on my own. There's just something so liberating about it especially since I've been so sheltered and living under my mom's skirt for the longest time. Although I must say, it's so hard to prepare my own meal since cooking's definitely not up my alley! Haha!

top- Trunkshow
jeans- Oxygen
satchel- Coconut Gold
shoes- random
head accessory- Simone's Closet


  1. i love ur tee and ur shoes!!!

  2. Your outfit is appropriate for school yet so cute at the same time. Goodluck with living alone. :)

  3. Parehas tayong hindi marunong magluto! Lol. You're new place is so nice! :) Walking distance ka nalang sa Lasalle? :D

  4. aww I feel for you! pero you'll learn rin naman after some time!:) i am such a avid reader of your blog! great to see you last time sa BU3!:)

  5. Thank you Girls! :)

    Char- yes walking distance lang :)
    Denise- Thank you! I am learning. Great to see you too big sis! Hehe


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