Thursday, March 8, 2012

Indie Fridays!

Howdy folks! I'm back from my trip and I'm so excited to blog about it in my next posts! I hope you'll stick around for that. But before I get to that, lemme just post about the first Indie Fridays last Feb 24 at Il Ponticello in Makati! This was supposed to be automatically published while I was away but just like the many other things that I forgot to bring (ie. my medicine! Ohmy gulay talaga! Haha) I forgot to blog about this beforehand. Senior moment wtf. Haha! 

So I'm sorry for this late post but it is! Super chill night with friends. Yummeh food, good music, awe-freakin-some singers/musicians and of course great company! It's the perfect way to celebrate your Fridays! What's more awesome about this is that you get to witness unadulterated talent from these indie artists! That night The Slinks, Reese and Vica, Dae and Reese (of Too Many Koreans) and Raleene and Riz Cabrera (of The Walkie Talkies) performed! Oh my gosh their music blew our minds off (in a good way of course!) Their voices were like butter on hot toast (hahaha what a good comparison, yeah?) and Dae and Reese also used quite an unusual instrument for accompaniment...the ukelele! What did I tell you? Awesooome. The Cabrera sisters sang "Us" by Regina Spektor that night and because words cannot fully describe how beautiful their voices were, here's their video on youtube! Enjoy! :)



  1. Woah Rees Lansangan AND The Walkie Talkies performed??? That must have been a really great night.. I am obsessed with their music! And it's true what you said that their voices really are like butter! haha!

    Kisses! xxx

  2. Yes they did! Oh and you have very good reason to be obsessed with their music. Haha1 Thanks Mara! :)


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