Saturday, February 4, 2012


And I'm backkk! Well, I don't really have new outfit shots to share with y'all 'coz these photos were taken last year, just the day before we watched The Sound of Music play at Resorts World. I was a bit hesitant to post this 'coz you guys might find it too simple or not even blog-worthy but this particular outfit has a touching story behind it that it'd be a shame not to post this. I wore this on December 29, 2011 on the day of my appointment with my doctor. Why was this outfit so memorable, you ask? Because my mom and I had an unforgettable heart-to-heart talk that caused us to tear up a bit and laugh all at the same time (baliw-baliwan lang ang peg haha!) that day. That's why I just had to post this. Plus the shirt that I was wearing here was a Christmas gift from my Yaya, Ate Gina! She thought I wouldn't like it but I was really touched when she gave me this together with a cute purple bow ring! So I dedicate this post to her and tomorrow I'm gonna show her this. Hihi. :)

P.S. I just had to take a photo of my first cup of coffee after months of staying away from it. Doctor's orders. *shrugs shoulders* So I was especially excited to gulp it all down when my doc gave me the go signal that day. Haha!

Hope you like it! :)

cropped top: gift 
wide-legged jeans: Freeway
fringe bag: Peacock and Stripes
lace up booties: Parisian


  1. First, nagutom ako... second, I loooove your pants!:) looks great on you! perfect top as well with the pants!

  2. lovely outfit!great pants and top :)
    and that food looks delicious!

  3. I love the amazing photos <3
    Cute outfit! I love your bag, too. <3

  4. oh i loooove how your red lips matched the red skinny belt!

    anyway, i got you the Versatile Blog Award, Jonessa ;)

    check it out here:

    congrats and keep the wonderful blog posts coming ;)

  5. I wish I had groovy pants like those :) I really like that your Yaya gives you gifts :) So sweet!

    Kisses! xxx


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