Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Golden Light

Operation "turn-the-photos-look-warm" successful! I took these quite early actually but they look like I took them during the magic hour (sunset) instead! Took advantage of the beautiful morning light streaming from the window then setting my white balance to shade or cloudy and voila! Instant sunset-y photos! This was my outfit btw when my friends and I went to the first ever Indie Fridays by Bloggers United at Il Ponticello in Makati. This look came together last minute and I couldn't be more grateful to these shorts for saving me from turning my closet inside out again in an attempt to find something decent to wear! Haha! I couldn't be bothered to plan my outfit ahead of time/the night before so when these cute lace-y shorts came in the mail that day I knew that I was gonna build my outfit around it. Don't you just love it when an outfit comes together unplanned and unintentionally? It's either you love what you come up with or have a what-was-i-thinking-moment. Exciting, yeah? Haha! 

knit/lace top- Mom's
crochet shorts- Shop Incez Axe
shoes- Jellybean
envelope clutch- from Singapore
detachable collar- Miss Sartorial

PS. This'll prolly be my last post before I leave for Macau on Friday! Expect scheduled posts (first time to try it!) and bongga sa layer outfit shots after this. Haha!



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