Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Swallows and Nordic Prints

I'm starting the new year with a print on print outfit post! This time I went for an unexpected print combination. Swallows and nordic prints! I was supposed to wear this poncho on Christmas but the whole fam stayed in to celebrate instead so I only got to wear it now. But I'm glad for the delay because I didn't have these swallow flats then. Anyway, I wore this yesterday on a random family day out. I wasn't really expecting to purchase 3 pairs of shoes in one go but damn Parisian Jr. for having the chic-est and most affordable shoes ever! Haha! 

PS. Don't you just love the last photo of me and my little sister/personal photographer/bully, Natasha? This pretty much sums up our relationship---and you can tell by looking at our facial expressions---mine: full of affection and hers: full of annoyance. Haha! Natasha is in this phase where she's grossed out by sisterly love. Hahaha! 

nordic poncho used as top- 999
leather bodycon skirt- WAGW
swallow flats- Parisian Jr.
bag- peacock and stripes
rings and bracelets- random
wristwatch- DKNY
spikes necklace- The Ramp


  1. I LOVE THE LOOK! and yes to Parisian Jr for pretty irresistible shoes! :)

  2. I likey your poncho! cute print on it! :D

    xx, Channie

  3. i love the top and shoes.:)gosh, especially the shoes!

  4. yay for Parisian!~ :D following you xoxo

  5. Thank you Denise, Channie, Dred and Locke! Couldn't agree more! :)

  6. hope you had a great new years! great blog- such inspiration xx

  7. I love your poncho! Doesn't look like one. =)

  8. Backreading your blog again! Your latest looks are so cute! I esp. love your flats!

  9. Thank you Yna! And welcome back to Pinas btw! :)


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