Monday, January 2, 2012

Somewhere in My Youth or Childhood I Must Have Done Something Good

Photos from the night we watched The Sound of Music (December 30, 2011) at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resorts World. It was basically a family night out for us and boy did we all have a great time! My elder sister and I were excited as hell about watching the play 'coz we adore EVERYTHING---the cast, the songs and the story of course!---about the film that we practically drove our mom insane by bugging her into buying tickets ever since the opening night. Haha! It was such a lovely night though I felt a 'lil uncomfortable 'coz I was holding my breath the entire time as I anticipate for the all too familiar scenes. Well, it was all that I could do to keep me from bursting into singing along with the actors. Haha! It truly was a visual feast and a nice merge of classic story with modern technology. The set design was surreal! You could tell that they really wanted the audience to be awed and be brought into the setting of the story. My only negative comment about the play was the lackluster performance of  some of the main characters. I mean, my favorite characters were the butler, uncle Max and the housekeeper, Frau Shmidt! So I think that's not such a good sign. We ended the night by having a very late dinner at Cafe Republiq where we exchanged reviews about the play.

As for my outfit, I just wore something simple and fuss-free. Basic, solid colors and not too many accessories. Then combined different textures by wearing a wooly pullover and a leather skirt. That's it pancit! :)

PS. Title of this post comes from a song in the play, Something Good. One of my faves! Captain Von Trapp and Maria sang this after finally admitting to each other that they've fallen in love. *Sighs*

green pullover- Surplus
brown leather skirt- Pop Culture
shoes- F-Stop
detachable collar- Miss Sartorial
bag- from Barcelona



  1. Ay favorite line ko yan! :)) Yung title mo! Napakanta tuloy me dito sa tapat ng computer hehehe ma youtube nga :)

    Loved the play too, ibang klase nga yun set noh? :) I wonder kung sino yun sinasabi mong actors hehehe :)

  2. i love the outfit Jonessa! And the collar i want one too! :)

  3. just tried taking a photo of my sister at the mall today.. she shooed me :)your photos reminded me of the incident :)

  4. would you believe i haven't watched sound of music the movie or any of its adaptations? yeah, i must have missed 50% of my childhood. haha

    i should find a DVD of this movie asap. love your leather skirt, btw!

  5. Ana- Hehehe. Secret nalang muna. Haha. Oo ganda nga ng set and all that. :)

    Thank you Denise and Rizza! :)

    Dred- Oh wow. I guess it's really time for you to watch it! You won't regret it. Haha!

    Roma- Haha sorry to hear that.


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