Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Perouvian Wasteland (c/o Status Magazine)

Last Saturday a bunch of bloggers were invited by Status Magazine to a photo exhibit of photographer to the stars Perou held at the Ayala Museum then an after party at Robot Lounge and Resto. One word to sum up the experience: Amaaazeballs! Being a photo enthusiast myself, I truly and honestly enjoyed being in that museum and looking at his clean and sleek works. It inspired me to work on my photography skillzzz as well as think outside the box. One thing you'd notice about his photos is that they all have a sense of peculiarity (but that's a good thing and it works for him) and because I have this weird affinity for creepy, eerie and odd artworks (think Gothic, Dresden dolls, Coraline, Tim Burton-esque kind of weird and mind boggling films---the kind that makes you go what the f*ck??? etc.) the exhibit was truly a delightful visual feast for me. 

scalloped blazer- vintage from my mom
knit gold crop top- F-Stop
red clogs- Manels
satchel- Coconut Gold 
wristwatch- Swatch
accessories- gifted

thanks for the invite, Bloggers United, Melai and Status!


  1. so pretty and sexy!

  2. Jonessa! Thanks for being F-STOP's muse. I'm still so happy that you are it. Grabe ang payat mo. Sexy mo lang sa top na yan. Kainis. haha. Stay pretty little sister! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. Love the shoes, Jonessa! :)


  4. Aww na-touch naman ako sa comment mo Melai! Thaaank you...Big sister! Haha!

    Ate Nikki- Thank you! :)


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