Sunday, December 11, 2011

Little Miss

Sweaters and skirts have been my uniform lately (if it's not yet too obvious from my previous posts: here and here!). They're just so easy to wear because it's not clingy to the body and they don't show too much skin. The weather's been perfect for it as well and I'm just loving it! The cold and the rain may be hassle weather for a lot of people but I quite like it especially since it allows me to layer up and wear comfy knits when I'm out and also cozy up in bed with a good book when I'm holed up inside the house. Anyway, I wore this on Thursday when my little sister Natasha had her first communion. I'm so proud of my little sister 'coz she led the singing of the responsorial psalm during the mass! My mom and I were a bit teary actually. Haha! After that, we just went to the mall to eat and watch a movie. It's like family day on a Thursday. 

knit sweater and polka dot skirt- from Singapore
JC-ish shoes- F-stop
Bag- Mom's
Accessories- 999 mall
belt- Landmark
wristwatch- DKNY


  1. ang cute nun sweater!!ako din naadik na din ako sa sweater!!haha..good thing madami sa ukay!:)

  2. hahaha! Try ko nga mag-ukay ng mga ganyan! Bigyan mo naman ako ng tip kung saan maganda mag-ukay! :))

  3. I am loving the chic granny vibe! Very vintage and fasyown!

  4. Sweaters/jumpers and skirts look good together. Sorry to hear about someone stealing your identity. Boo!

  5. beautiful combination and bet ko ang colors!:)

  6. lovely top! =) Hope to see you soon!


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