Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pink and Grey

Been awhile since I last donned an all-pink outfit! Actually, I can't even remember the last time I wore anything pink for that matter (except my pink lipstick of course)! Oh well, it was a nice and welcome change. Decided to break the monotony by injecting a more subdued color into the look which came in the form of this leather jacket. It was raining (reason why our flight got canceled) that day anyway so it wasn't too stuffy to wear this, plus the cropped top was sheer and my legs were bared, so no sweat (literally)! Anyway, can I just say that I really love my rose-colored glasses here. It reminds me of Prada's SS10 transparent Postcard sunglasses which I was so obsessed about last year. It just looks alien-y and different. A total stand-out in a sea of dark Jackie O-esque sunnies or Ray-ban wayfarers. Well, gotta keep this post short my dears! 

sheer flowery top- random
pink bodycon skirt- Sachico
leather vest- Sosi Stuff
fringe necklace- Bubbles
rings- random


  1. Lovely pink skirt and I want those sunnies.

  2. your writing is really nice..signed up to your RSS, curious to read more!

  3. you're my newest girl crush now! OMG.. you really look like that korean actress..i just can't recall her name! stay pretty, hon ;)

  4. I love your outfit!! Nice combination. So pretty! I followed you, hope you follow me back. Thanks so much!:)

  5. Eunica- Oh my. haha! Thank you sooo much! Your comment just made my day! Haha! Thanks dear!

    Louise- Thank you! I really appreciate it. Okay, will check out yours na! :)

  6. ang pretty mo Jonessa! I love your outfit! :)

  7. Aww thank you Denise! You are always so sweet! :)


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