Sunday, November 6, 2011

Naga City Photodiary 1

Let me show you what transpired on my first day at Naga City (Camsur) through the photos that I took that day. Naga feels so much like Manila now (without the air pollution though) that I didn't feel homesick. It's like it's almost as busy as Manila but still very solemn and tranquil which is perfect for a vacation. So ironic I know. Haha! I swear it was like a dream being there so if you're going to pay Camsur a visit, I suggest you stay at The Avenue or maybe at CWC. It was a lovely day spent getting comfortable in our room, eating lunch with my family and dinner with my relatives at The Avenue, and catching up on things. Really, it was a pleasant day and I enjoyed it thoroughly. :)



  1. really love your posts, dear! filled so much fun and class! you look like some korean actress! pretty <3

  2. Thank you! Yeah, i get that a lot. Maybe coz of the hair or something? Haha! Thanks again for dropping by Eunica! :)


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