Sunday, November 13, 2011

Canceled Flight

It was supposed to be our last day in Bicol but alas our flight back to Manila got canceled due to heavy rain. The first two photos were taken at Naga Airport. My big sister had this idea of using this vintage red truck as the backdrop for my outfit shots (Very Taylor Swift/Bella's red truck lang ang peg, noh?). And since it was a long ride back to Buhi, we figured we'd just run some know, perfectly normal ones like, say...going to Naga City Hall and the church where my mom got married to fix some paperwork regarding her marriage. It was a long and boring morning, I tell you. *laughs* So what did I do to amuse myself? I took pictures of random things of course! I think I got a wee bit excited taking photographs of the church's huge antique chandeliers and muraled ceilings, as you prolly can tell. When my mom finally ticked off every single thing in her mental checklist, we all decided to eat lunch at Biggs. Why, we cannot leave the place without eating there! It's only the biggest food chain in all of Bicol. It's like their Jollibee. It's...I think you get the picture. Haha! In the afternoon, we went to SM Naga to run some more errands so my sis and I decided to check out NBS and lookie what I found! Huhu. A hardbound copy of Bloodlines. I'm still beating myself up for not getting it then. Anyway, this is my last post about our "Undas 2011" in Bicol. I'd like to say thank you to Uncle Mumong, Auntie Odie, Kuya Christian and Ate Jing for making us feel welcome every time we go to Buhi and for taking very good care of us when we're there. We truly had an awesome time and I wish it didn't have to end so soon. Hihi. :)


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