Saturday, April 23, 2011

Military and Flowers

Not the best angle for my fingers. They look like stumpy bananas (haha) but it's the only photo where you can see Lady Gaga perching perfectly on my pointy finger! :))
(military vest-Trunkshow | floral bodycon-Mom's | shoes-Parisian Jr. | Tansan ring-Sachico | Snake ring-Anagon)
Late post is late. These photos were taken when En, Rej and I went to attend a fashion show in Greenbelt 3. This day was really something. Read on to know what happened that day that I find truly amusing and epic. Haha!

I woke up that day feeling unwell and not in the mood to go (plus I forgot to ask my mom for some moolah) so I felt like staying in and ditching. But I was being very indecisive that day so in the end I still accompanied En and her sister to Greenbelt. When we got there, we met up with Neil, Jonard, Joma and Lois (very fasssyooon bunch, I tell you) to wait up for Rachelle and watch the fashion show together. Unfortunately, the place was already packed with people so we weren't able to get seats and only stayed for a while. During the show we got to meet Ava of Artsyfartsyava and I was awestricken by her! She was sooo pretty and very friendly! I had to restrain myself from being such a fangirl. Haha! After a quick "hi-hello" and picture sesh with her, we bid her farewell and went mall-hopping to eat dinner at Trinoma. However, because I was already tired and hungry, not to mention parched from all the walking, photo-ops, and whatnot, when we were inside the train on our way to Tri, I suddenly had trouble breathing (claustrophobic si ate? Haha). (Now this is where things get exciting haha) The next moment I was already sweating bullets, hearing buzzing sounds in my ears and then the background sound of people talking was muffled (parang nasa Baguio lang hehe). In that moment all I could think about were my friends Meli and Anna (thanks for the warning you guys haha!) who once so casually told me about the symptoms and the feeling of fainting. Haha! I was giddy that I was at last about to experience it firsthand but at the same time I was also struggling to keep my balance and my consciousness! The moment I was certain that I was going to fall over, I closed my eyes, evened out my breathing and put all my weight on En's shoulder. My thought process at the time was:
"Am I going to faint?--Is this for real?--Yes it's for real!--Yey I now know the feeling of fainting!--Woops don't faint here honey!--Crap it's embarrassing I'm sweating like a pig!--Oh f*uck them I feel awful!--Close your eyes Jossa--Mind over matter--Mind over matter (repeat until you've convinced yourself you're not going to reel haha)..." At first, En wouldn't believe me when I told her that I'm about to faint but thank God, a woman noticed my pain (and my profuse sweating) and told Rej and En to put me under the A/C (What a scene right? Wapoise na kung wapoise). My God the cold air was like the salvation that I needed! When we got to the resto, my friends immediately asked for a glass of water from the waiter and as soon as the cold water came into contact with my parched throat, I was already feeling better and more energetic. Lesson of the day: Drink lot's o' H2o! Haha! Fun day I must say, though I never knew the importance of drinking plenty of fluids until that fateful day. Should've just listened to my mom. Truly, mothers know best. Preach. :))

photo credits: Nicole Santos and mah sistah Natasha



  1. I agree babe,drink a lot of water!haha!I got nervous,I thought I was going to carry you that time ahaha!oh well,thanks for going there with me.Love yah:*

  2. I SO love the outfit you laid out for the show!:) Very pretty. I also want your necklace. Arbor? haha :)) I'm really glad I met you! finally! After all the blog comments and blog visits! Yey! We also left early like you guys. Had dinner instead! hihi :) Till we see each other again!!

  3. en- hahaha! sure i had fun naman even though i almost fainted! experience yun! haha! :))

    ava- thaaank you! sa the ramp ko nabili yung necklace! i'm so glad that i finally met you nadin! haha masyado nga ata ako naexcite eh. haha! See you again next time Ava!! :)

  4. I love, love the vest and the nailpolish! what brand is the polish?

  5. shop dbp- the polish is from Etude House. :)

    aie- thank youuu aie!:)

  6. you girls looked great! too bad I didn't meet you!:(

  7. Liezyl- A big THANK YOU! :)

    Aisa- Thank you! Yes sayang I wanted to see you IRL!!! Oh well, hope to see you soon next time! :)

  8. I'd prolly feel the same if I meet Ava. She's so sweet. :)

    It's amazing how all these boil down to be stories in the end. What an experience but you still looked fierce. :)


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