Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Life in Technicolor

Today's the last day of 5th term for me! I am officially on break and def back to blogging! Il dolce far niente! :)
I love this pic, it somehow reminds me of The Stylish Wanderer and it looks so vintage-y. Haha!
"Yesterday my life was duller...now everything's technicolor!"

(top-blacksheep | short-the second shop | shoes-parisian jr. | necklace-the ramp)
I dunno what to call this style as it looks like it can be rocker-ish, nerdy, or urban trendy. I guess I'll just call this...eclectic techno-pop rock "style"? Hahaha!

Suddenly felt very artsy and all hence the colorful orb thingies on the pictures. Haha! This must be an effect of getting my brain fried last night while I was struggling to finish my final paper in INTPRIN. I slept a 3:30 in the morning only to wake up at 5:30 to head out to school. I barely slept at all! Sabaw night/morning indeed. Last night was def one of those sleepless, kaloka nights where I couldn't form coherent paragraphs anymore and still continuing to pretend like I know what I was doing or saying in my paper. Hope to get a good mark though. Ok then, a passing grade will do! Hahaha!

On a different note, Char and Nina awarded me with this beautiful award! Do check out their site if you have the time. Thanks so much Char and Nina! :) I won't be able to tag anyone else right now as I badly need to hit the sack already...zzzzzZZZZZZZZ.

A million thanks to all of you for wishing me luck on finals week! They were very much appreciated!:*

*Colorful, colorful post. Reminds me of The Beatles' music vid of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. :))

Til the next post!

Scarlet April xoxo


  1. wow i love the neon and denim combo!!!


  2. I love the second picture :) Your top is amazing :>

  3. congraats! now go and hit the sack already! you deserve that sleep :) And i love how you edited the pics! it's gives it that youthful and colorful appeal :)

    <3hazel (http://hazelnot.tumblr.com)

  4. I just sold this kind of top (as a pre-loved piece) in F-STOP :) Black sheep right? You looked great! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  5. haha i have the same top! from melai!:) you look gorgeous!:) congrats on being on term break! CSB is still on the 24th :(

  6. Just stumble on you blog. Love your top paired with a vintage-y looking denims. And I so agree with you about the photos and outfit, very Stylish Wanderer hehe.

    Hope you are having a great week! :)

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  8. thanks! :) btw, love your outfit :">


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