Thursday, December 9, 2010

"And then he was gone", said the wind, remembering nothing.

I think I've been away from my blog long enough. Forgive me for the unannounced hiatus once again, it's just that I'm really focusing on schoolwork right now 'coz it's finals week in school. So yeah, hope you guys understand.

As for the photo (above), wala lang it's just my current profile pic on FB and I love how the ruffles of my gown look like ripples of water. Haha! And that picture perfectly expresses what I'm feeling right now: burnt out.

Oh I just wish this term would just end already! Promise to blog real soooooooooon! Wish me luck! :)

Much Love,
Scarlet April xx


  1. love the skirt! :) I know, it feels weird no not blogging a lot, ako rin mejo hiatus and i feel a bit sad if I haven't blogged for a while. Wishing you luck! Tama yan, school muna :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. The skirt is beautiful!:) And good luck with school work!:)

  3. oh no, i hope you get over your burn out soon! :)


  4. Goodluck with your school work! And thanks so much for the blog award! <3

    Lee []

  5. the ruffles add so much texture and depth.. i am new to your blog and i'm so following. :)

  6. "and then he was gone"

    hahahaha!:)) may naalala lang ako.see you before the 19th!

  7. @melai- yes diba? it's not such a nice feeling at all. haha! thanks melai! :)

    @ava, chiqui, reg, lee- thanks so much you guys!:)

    @ate mimi- you have a blogspot acct din pala! thaaaank you! :)

    @ching- thank you so much for following and for the compliment on my gown! ;)

    @en- haha! sino naalala mo ha? hmm. :)) why before the 19th?

  8. Beautiful :)))))))


  9. love the ruffles of your gown :) debut gown ba yan? hehe :) And goodluck with schoolworks and finals :)

    btw, followed you in bloglovin <3


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