Saturday, April 24, 2010

This Summer...

While waiting for my debut pics to finally come to me...Let me just post pictures of what I am lovin' and what I ought to do this summer. :)

Let's start with what I plan to do this summer all written down on a paper:

One thing I must do this summer is to rekindle my love affair with books. Ever since the start of college, my books have been untouched and have collected dust in my lonely bookshelf.

I have yet to finish reading my GossipGirl Collection! During the summer before my freshman year in college, I have been so engrossed in reading that I managed to read the entire series (well, almost)...then came college and all my other distractions and the LAST book in the series was forgotten. Haha!

It's the last in the series for cryin' out loud! HAHA!

Hmm...I love my new headphones so much that I will surely love listening to music more often! Hee. :)

Now on to what I'm lovin'...

(Cute goodies from Etude House!)

(These were bought by my Mom when she went on a little trip to Korea)

I plan to paint my nails with these summer-y colors! I just wish that after I'm done with every color my nails won't turn yellow from all the nail-painting. Haha!

My summer fragrances! I've been using Acca Kappa non-stop that I've been neglecting these cuties!

So, that's it for now! Thank y'all for stopin' by my blog and please feel free to leave comments! 

Much love,
               Scarlet April xx


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