Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Summer Hearts

There is no way I'd don jeans during this summer! It's way too hot right now for that and that is why I'm always wearing shorts, dresses and skirts. That is very unusual for me since I am not a leg bearing kind of person so you could only imagine my friends' shocked faces whenever they see me in a dress or in garments that showcase my gams. Oh the things summer could do to a very conservative lady. HAHA!
(wearing two heart pendants and a skirt that has tiny hearts printed on it hence the "heart" in the title)
(Excuse the annoyed face. Hee.)
(my fave canvas bag that I ordered from my blockmate; I am Ninoy Bag!)

A quick outfit post while waiting to get my hands on the copy of my debut pics! Will post it real soon! :)

SUMMER bummer. :D


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