Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Perfect Summer Sunglasses

I am not a shades-wearing-fashionista and would most likely just buy sunglasses during the summer just for the heck of it and would most probably leave the glasses lying around unused. Yes, I didn't care that much for it because you could say that I'm more of a shoes and clothes kind of person. However, when I laid eyes upon Prada's Spring Summer 2010 Postcard Transparent Sunglasses, I knew I fell in love and found the perfect sunglasses for me. Perfect, if I could ever afford to buy one without going broke for a kinda long time---but thank God not forever! Haha! (Sighs) Oh if only my brother could send me these and I would be the happiest and most grateful little sister ever! But alas, he had already bought me my Canon 350D...which of course, I'm extremely giddy about. Hee.

So now, I'm left lusting after these babies...and with this one particular transparent colorless sunglasses. :)

Isn't it just lovely? I love how it can make you stand out from the usual-black-oversize-shades-wearing or Rayban-Wayfarers-wearing crowd this summer, especially. Oh It has been playing in my mind like some flashback or a scene that's on replay for days now! Gosh. How I wish I could get my hands on these lovelies.

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  1. these shades are amazing! i love them :)


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